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Luis Cuervo

Born to Present


My name is my brand, it offers services and on Advertising for Companies

A professional life dedicated to the Advertising business, from printing to web, copywriting, copy translation/transcreation, strategy, branding, graphic and web design. Positioning products and companies such as Ikea, Sprint, Panasonic, Clorox, Scotia Bank and many more.

Here the short list of companies that I worked with in the last 17 years aprox.



JWT / S.C.P.F   

IKEA USA: Transcreator, copywriter, translator for the Hispanisc market.


Pelion, Sunrise, Fl

Advertising Director


Inspire Culture, Dallas, TX  

Sprint USA: Transcreator, copywriter, translator for the Hispanisc market.


The Bonner Group, West Palm Beach

Creative Copywriter


Ocean Drive Magazine, Miami



BPMedia  Partners Advertising

Creative Director

Political Strategist Colombia        

Political Campaigns Strategist


Toro Fischer America

Copywriter, Strategist


Lorente Group, (EURO RSCG )

Creative Director, Copywriter Strategist


Genesis Advertising

Panasonic Latin America: Creative Director, Strategist, Copywriter


Grey Advertising, Panamá

Creative Director, Strategist, Copywriter


Arango & Associates

Creative Director, Strategist, Copywriter

Applied International Research

Creative Director


Creative Director Jr.

Studio Verde

Copywriter Junior

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